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One World, One Source, One Remote and One Touch!
One World - Sunwave cares about our Global Village and the environment we live in because we are all in this world together.  All SUNWAVE products are compliant to RoHS and WEEE regulations.  This is to ensure a safe and sound environment for all of us.
One Source - All remote controls are based on codes from various manufacturers.  Different device remotes have different types of codes.  We aim to establish a one source - Internet Remote Control Code Base (IRCCB). Through our IRCCB, users can easily retrieve the codes via Internet. 
One Remote - Sunwave is driven to provide the easiest and the State-of-the-Arts remote controls and modules for our OEM/ODM customers.  Not just one remote for one household, but one remote for each individuals.
One Touch - Our proprietary technology has given us a stand out position among our competitors.  Our innovation is built-on One Touch methodology – Macro sequence, like turning on lights, playing music, brewing coffee and the dinner is ready to be served from the oven... all these can be simply done by a single press on the remote.









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